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Hello and Welcome!

This quick start guide will help you get into the game as quickly as possible. To be eligible to walk the "happy path" your setup needs to meet a few requirements. These are:

Recommended PC Specifications

  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 or better; AMD FX 8350 or better
  • RAM: 8+ GB
  • Video Card:
    • NVIDIA – GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti, Titan X, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX 1080 Ti
    • AMD – Radeon R9 290 and 290X, Radeon R9 390 and 390X, Radeon 480, Radeon R9 Fury and Fury X, Radeon R9 Nano
  • HDMI port on video card

Software Recommendations Specifications

  • NVIDIA Graphics Drivers - 378.66 or later
  • AMD Graphics Drivers - Crimson 16.3.2 or later
  • Operating System - Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10; all 64-bit
  • SteamVR Version - BuildID: 1321217 or later

Please note that although some of the information in this guide is applicable across all platforms, the HDK Windows Installer and HDK Software Suite are only intended for Windows operating systems; OSX (Mac) and Linux are not supported by this release.


Meeting these specifications means your setup will support Direct Mode, which is a good thing.

Next, we assume you have an HDK 2 headset and have connected it per the instructions in the box or in this online resource.

Finally, we assume that:

  • You are running a Windows Operating System (Win 7, Win 8.x, Win 10)
  • All critical operating system updates are installed
  • Steam and SteamVR are installed
  • The HDK Software Suite is installed (after installing Steam and SteamVR)
  • You've updated your HDK firmware to version 2.0 via the HDK Firmware Utility.

If you meet these requirements then you are ready to run!

Playing SteamVR Content

Did you know that Steam has over 300 VR titles that are compatible with OSVR? With an HDK 2, you can plug in and play anything in four steps!

  1. Open the OSVR Server Console by double-clicking the OSVR Tray Icon in the Notification Area (System Tray, near the clock)
  2. Start the OSVR Server
  3. Launch SteamVR
  4. Launch any purchased games or applications

It's that quick and easy! These four steps grant you access to over 300 VR titles in the Steam Store and library. For more information check the Playing SteamVR Content section.

Playing OSVR Native Content

In addition to all the amazing titles on SteamVR, you can also play native OSVR content on your HDK 2. It's all just a few clicks away:

  1. Go to and find some great OSVR content
  2. Open the OSVR Server Console and start the OSVR Server
  3. Launch the game or application

Need More Help?

Sometimes there are a few bumps along the path, or maybe your system doesn't meet all the specs we assumed  But don't fret!

You've already found the most comprehensive online guide for connecting, configuring, using, and troubleshooting the HDK VR headset and OSVR. Check out all the in-depth documentation using the navigation links on the left.

If you can't find the answers you are looking for here, you can always contact OSVR Support. We're happy to help you out!

Hey, We Didn't Forget The Devs!

If you're a VR Developer or hardware modder and you're looking for more customization over your experience, or are looking to hack and mod the HDK, you're in luck. That's what we built if for! Be sure to read through this online documentation for helpful tips and tricks, and visit the developer portal at for even more detailed technical information.

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